Daniëlle Blok-WognumDaniëlle Blok-Wognum

Margot and I have been training together for a long time, since 2005. From the moment I started working with her it was clear to me that I was dealing with an extraordinary swimmer. Next to having a dose of talent she's also very driven, motivated and dedicated. Throughout the years we have had several successes together, amongst which 3 gold medals for her solo at several Dutch Championships. When Margot last year asked me to work with her on a solo at an international level, I quickly reached a decision. Together we train several times per week to reach the best possible result. This season there are a number of national and international events scheduled, of which the Dutch Championship in januari 2012 is the first really important one. I have no doubt that Margot will do her utmost to reach her goals and I hope to be able to coach her for a long time.

Daniëlle Blok-Wognum

Tonneke van RooijenTonneke van Rooijen
Vreni de FluiterVreni de Fluiter

For about eight years I have been part of the Dutch national team. Last year I participated together with Margot in the Dutch team in several competitions, amongst which the World Championships in China. After these championships I decided to retire from active swimming and dedicate myself to my job as physiotherapist. Next to my job I assist in training Young Orange. I was asked by Leonie if I would be willing to assist Margot in training her solo, which I enjoy doing a lot. Margot is a hard worker en always demands the utmost of herself. I have every confidence in Margot's ability to perform well in international competitions and wish her all the luck and lots of fun during the upcoming events.

Vreni de Fluiter

Leonie CornieljeLeonie Cornielje

End 2006 I was appointed as coach to the Dutch National Synchro team. In june 2007 I, for the first time in this capacity, coached the Dutch team at the European Junior Championships in Spain. That's where I met the De Graaf family, Charlotte was part of our EJC team and was supported from the stands by her kid sister Margot. Sadly Charlotte, after this event, left the Dutch National team to focus on her Dance/Musical career, Margot on the other hand is still part of our National team and luckily has great ambitions in synchronised swimming!

Together with Margot we have been to several big tournaments with as pinnacle the World Championships in 2011 in Shanghai. As part of the team Margot achieved there a strong 9th place in the free style combination, leading to a B-Status from NOC*NSF. For 2012 Margot has set herself a new goal! She wants to be the Dutch soloist, as well as for the EC in Antwerp (May 2012) as for the WJC in Greece. Needless to say I will support her in her ambitions, Margot has talent and applies herself to every training for the full 100%. I sometimes call her the 'pit bull' of Young Orange. If she sets a goal she won't let go. To sum up, with a complete team of coaches we're going to ensure that Margot reaches her goals.

The Dutch Swimming Association has as guideline that individual routines (solo and duet) should initially be developed at the athlete's own club. During National tournaments it is determined if the routine is of a sufficient level to compete at the international stage. A first place is the minimum requirement to be able to be delegated to an international event. It goes without saying that the KNZB wants to support Margot's solo. It is of great importance to coordinate trainings. We're full of anticiption for the Dutch national championships (28-29 january in Amsterdam) and the Dutch junior championships (24 march in Emmen), I wish Margot a lot of luck and I hope she will meet our requirements and will go on to shine internationally as soloist for our country!

Leonie Cornielje
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