About me

I started synchronised swimming when I was 4 years old. I had gotten my A and B diploma swimming rather quickly and always accompanied my mother when she was to give training at the De Dolfijn, the swimming club of my elder sisters Evelien and Charlotte. As I was in the swimming pool anyway, I participated in the training for the pre-competition diplomas even before I got my first 'regular' swimming diploma. I never intended to keep on swimming, I really planned to become a football player by the time I was six, I thought that would be a great sport too. But when I was 6 I got a medal for technical merit on my third ever 'minikring' competition , which I liked so much that I decided to keep up synchronised swimming after all.

As everyone else I had to get my preliminary diplomas first en when I reached the age of nine I was allowed to train with the competition team. In 2004 Daniëlle returned to De Dolfijn as a trainer and she became, together with Mandy, her sister, my trainer. In 2005 I at long last was allowed to compete at the Synchrobeat, the Dutch Championship for FINA age I and II, in the age I category. I was entered in the technical, solo, duet and in the team competition toegether with my teammates of De Dolfijn. To my astonishment I immediatly reached a second place for technique and a second place with my solo routine! Furthermore we became Dutch champions team age I with de Dolfijn.

Placed first! Synchrobeat 2006! With Daniëlle, Nanda, Mandy en Corry

Placed first! Synchrobeat 2006!
With Daniëlle, Nanda, Mandy
en Corry

The Synchrobeat for 2006 was held on 'Queensday' (31 april) and 1 may in Eindhoven. That year I already placed first during 'interkring' competitions in technique and soli, so expectations where high. Luckily I was able to meet those expectations, I became Dutch champion on technique, solo and with my team!

Because of these achievements I was invited to the talent days of the KNZB (the Dutch Swimming Federation) and in 2007 I was also invited to join the Dutch junior selection although officially I was still a bit to young for that. I was the youngest member of that squad at that time. In 2009 I was allowed to enter the selection that took part in the European Junior Championships in Gloucester, Engeland, quite an experience.

Margot, Dutch Junior Championships 2009

Dutch Junior Championships 2009

In the mean time I have competed in a number of international events as part of the Dutch team. High point of last season was participating in the free style combination during the 14th FINA World Championships in Shanghai, People's republic of China. In 2010 I had already been selected for the European Championships in Budapest, Hungary and the World Cup in Changshu, China. I never expected to swim in the free style combination during those events, being only 15 at the time.

2010 and 2011 were very succesfull nationally for me as well. I came in first for both the techique and the solo during the Dutch Junior Championships for two consecutive years. I already indicated to bondscoach Leonie Cornielje that I had aspirations to compete at an international level as soloist and together with a duet partner, so this year I have been given the opportunity to do just that with my solo. My current free routine has been initially created together with Daniëlle. Kasia Kulesza, the Canadian coach who is resonsible for the routine of Elisabeth and Nicolien, the Dutch National Duet, has, during her visit to the Netherlands to give training to the Dutch team, given additional input and tips for my solo. This year, during the Dutch National Duet's training camp in Canada, she has analyzed on video both my technical and free routine. This time again, Leonie returned to the Netherlands carrying 3 pages filled with suggestions and directions, which we are currently incorporating into my routines.

During the Dutch National Junior Championships in Emmen I hope to defend my title and claim a spot as the Dutch soloist for the Junior World Championships in Greece. I'm off to a good start, as I managed to lay claim to the Dutch National title and now will also be representing the Netherlands during the European Championships in Antwerp, Belgium. It's promissing to be an exciting year !